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About company

«NPP «Promavtomatika» is a dynamically developing company. Having set the task of wide regional interaction with potential customers, the company solved it by performing complex deliveries of products for the power industry.


Complex supplies of relay protection devices, automation, control and management of connections


Development and organization of dispatching of telemechanized objects and processing of telemechanical (TM) information


Implementation of world best practices, new solutions and developments in the development of promising technologies and directions


Technical consulting on the selection and use of protection devices, automation, control and management of connections


Conducting seminars on the use of microprocessor-based protection devices, automation, control and management of connections and equipment to ensure electrical safety


Project support

The goal of the company is the most effective solution of the client’s problems in the field of modernization of energy supply and power distribution systems of enterprises, automation of control processes for equipment in distribution networks.

«NPP «Promavtomatika» today occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian market in the field of complex supplies of relay protection and electrical equipment to ensure electrical safety. Successful work of the company allowed it to become a reliable partner of the leading enterprises of Ukraine. The reliability and stability of the company is confirmed by an impeccable reputation, a constantly increasing number of customers. Understanding all the responsibility that we have as suppliers in such a very responsible industry as the power industry, we can always offer the best option for a comprehensive supply. Therefore, you can be sure that the entire range of high-quality electrical products will be delivered to you in the shortest possible time at the most competitive prices.

The intellectual potential of «NPP «Promavtomatika», combined with experience, flexible pricing, technical and economic policies, provide our company and its partners with a leading position in the electric power market today and allow us to look confidently into the future. The products supplied by «NPP «Promavtomatika» are certified by the State Standard of Ukraine, have high technical characteristics and modern design. «NPP «Promavtomatika» operates in accordance with the ISO 9000 series standards. The MRZS-05 series devices have their own original design and software solutions, modern technologies and the latest element base of leading world manufacturers are used in their production. On the basis of devices of the MRZS-05L, MRZS series and the “promHMI” software and hardware complex, automated dispatch control systems for electrical networks (ASDU) are being created.

The company carried out a large amount of work on the development and implementation of a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015. The company has passed certification and received a certificate that confirms that the quality management system for the development and manufacture of products of the entire range meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015.

Qualified specialists of the enterprise transfer their knowledge and many years of experience to specialists who service relay protection devices in operating organizations, organizing training (upon request).

The developed microprocessor relay protection of the series MRZS-05, MRZS-05L, MRZS is successfully operated:

in all oblenergos of Ukraine

at thermal power plants

at leading metallurgical enterprises

mining industry

at the enterprises of the oil and gas industry

in central stadiums