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Power supply IP-01-MRZS

For the application of a part of MRZS devices that allow power direct current only, or power MRZS from short-circuit currents designed power supply IP-01-MRZS.

Sources of energy for IP-01-MRZS are:

  • AC voltage 220 V own needs;
  • linear alternating voltage 100 V with voltage measuring transformer;
  • alternating currents of measuring current transformers of two phases.
  • The output voltage of IP-01-MRZS is 220 V ± 22 V.
  • Output power - 33W with powered by circuits voltage or from current circuits over 6 A. With an input current of 4 A - 20 W, at input current 5 A - 25 W.

The range of permissible input voltages and currents at which the technical characteristics of IP-01- are provided MRZS:

  • voltage own needs - from 132 to 264;
  • voltage from a voltage measuring transformer - from 70 to 150 V;
  • current from a measuring current transformer - from 4.0 to 150 A.
  • The power consumed by IP-01-MRZS in the selection power take-off is no more than 65 W (79 VA).
In the initial mode, IP-01-MRZS selects power from 220 V circuits. In the event of a voltage drop during an accident below the permissible limit, IP-01-MRZS switches to power take-off from a voltage measuring transformer. If both the first and second voltage are less permissible, the source switches to power take-off from measuring current transformers for power from short-circuit currents. There is a light indication of the presence of input and output voltage, light and relay alarm when the output voltage deviates below 160 V and above 250 V, relay signaling the absence of input voltages. IP-01-MRZS protected against output short circuits.

Сonnection diagram IP-01-MRZS