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Block power supply ИП-02-МРЗС

Block power supply ИП-02-МРЗС 11048
Block power supply ИП-02-МРЗС 8151

Intended for powering microprocessor relay protection devices and their input discrete circuits as part of cabinets (cells) of automation, control and protection at electrical substations with variable operating current.

Sources of energy for ИП-02-MРЗС are:

  • AC voltage 220 V own needs;
  • linear alternating voltage 100 V with voltage measuring transformer;
  • alternating currents of measuring current transformers of two phases.
  • The output voltage of ИП-02-МРЗС is 220 V ± 22 V.
  • Output power - 100W with powered by circuits voltage or from current circuits over 5 A.

The range of permissible input voltages and currents at which the technical characteristics of ИП-02-MРЗС are provided:

  • voltage own needs - from 165 to 265;
  • voltage from a voltage measuring transformer - from 80 to 150 V;
  • current from a measuring current transformer - from 6.0 to 150 A.
  • The power consumed by ИП-02-МРЗС in the selection power take-off is no more than 120 W (150 VA).
In the initial mode, ИП-02-МРЗС selects power from 220 V circuits. In the event of a voltage drop during an accident below the permissible limit, ИП-02-МРЗС switches to power take-off from a voltage measuring transformer. If both the first and second voltage are less permissible, the source switches to power take-off from measuring current transformers for power from short-circuit currents. There is a light indication of the presence of input and output voltage, light and relay alarm when the output voltage deviates below 200 V and above 250 V, relay signaling the absence of input voltages. ИП-02-МРЗС protected against output short circuits.

Сonnection diagram IP-02-MRZS

Certificate ИП-МРЗС

3D model for design ИП-02 МРЗС АИАР.436111.001