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MРЗС-05Д AИAР.466452.002

It is used as protection, automatics, control and monitoring of technological processes of asynchronous and synchronous electric motors 6/10 kV, having current transformers both on the supply side and the neutral side.

It performs the following functions:

Provides control and measurement of the following values:

  • phase currents of frequency 50 Hz with a nominal value
  • Iн = 5А in the range from 0,1 to 30 Iн of the outputs side;
  • phase currents with a frequency of 50 Hz with a nominal
  • value Iн = 5А in the range from 0,1 to 30 Iн of the neutral side;
  • three linear (phase) voltages with a rated voltage of 100V;
  • three phase shifts of the angles between currents and voltages;
  • zero sequence current - from 0.01 to 2A;
  • negative sequence current;
  • current in the supply circuits of an excitation transformer (ET) with a rated secondary current of 5A;
  • frequency of current in the network.

Relay protection functions:

  • Motor differencial protection two-stage in three-phase performance: the first stage - differential cut-off, the second stage - sensitive with braking;
  • overcurrent protection (OCP) three-stage in three-phase performance: the first and third stages - with an indefinite time delay, the second - with a definite time delay (to implement protection against symmetrical overload), uses currents on the output side, there is the possibility of accelerating the second stage;
  • protection against unbalanced conditions by 12;
  • ground fault protection for 3Io current, operates with or without a delay for cut-off or signal, not directional: the protection reacts to the residual current of the industrial frequency 3Io (analogue of the relay PTZ-51);
  • disconnection at start-up on the braked mechanism, implemented by the logic of OCP with a single time delay, it is possible to accelerate the action time through a discrete input;
  • tripping with disconnection from the device or in case of damage to the mechanism (rupture of the conveyor belt, etc.), realized by current shedding in at least one phase;
  • protection against asynchronous operation (from excitation loss), is realized by the combination of a stable disappearance of the current of a CT with the presence of a significant stator current (in one phase) or from a discrete signal from the contact of the field blanking device entering the discrete input;
  • individual undervoltage protection, is realized on the fact of reduction of one line voltage up to level Umin;
  • circuit-breaker failure protection (CBFP). CBFP is initiated from the selected OCP stages, Motor differencial protection, earth fault protection or external devices (via a binary input). CBFP has two stages in response time, is performed with current monitoring.

Automation functions:

  • circuit breaker can be switched on and off both from the device and via a discrete input (pulsed). If there is a command to cut off the circuit breaker, the on signal is blocked.
  • defined functions - number of defined functions - 16.

Discrete signal recorder:

  • 100 recent events;
  • up to 50 entries in each accident;
  • fixation of maximum currents.

Analog signal recorder:

  • 11 recent events;
  • duration of the pre-fault process - up to 5 s,
  • duration of the post-accident process - up to 20 s.

Number of freely programmable inputs, outputs, indicators:

  • discrete inputs - 16;
  • discrete relay outputs - 15;
  • LED indicators - 14.


  • numeric keypad;
  • four freely programmable buttons;
  • graphic indicator (in character mode - 8 lines);
  • possibility to set all the default settings;
  • input-output of all protections is provided;
  • work with an external computer is carried out through the USB port;
  • RS-485 interface is provided for network creation.

Connection diagram MRZS-05D AIAR.466452.002

Software Wisinet2 for МРЗС-05Л, МРЗС-05Д, MRZS