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Device ПАВ-3 AИAР.426449.003

Device ПАВ-3 AИAР.426449.003 5498
Device ПАВ-3 AИAР.426449.003 5499

The ПАВ-3 device is designed to measure the effective currents, voltages, power and convert to the Modbus RTU exchange protocol, and Ethernet interface (RJ-45) - IEC 60870-5 104 exchange protocol (optional).

The effective value of phase (A, B, C) currents, A0,2 – 1004%
The effective value of phase (3I0) currents, A0,01 - 54%
Current values of linear (phase) voltage, V1-125±5V
Full power, kVA0-99994%
Active power, kW0-99994%
Reactive power, kVAr0-99994%
Power factor-1 ... 14%
Rated current TT, A20-800
Supply voltage AC (DC), V90-264 (125-370)

Software Wisinet2 for МРЗС-05Л, МРЗС-05Д, MRZS

Please pay attention! Many new versions of devices have been added for corrective work, the program must save the /data folder (with your archives), delete the WisiNet2 installation program, download the archive from the website and install the Wisinet2 program and replace the new /data folder with your previous oneDownload Wisinet 2