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MРЗС-05Л АИАР.466452.001-12.04

MРЗС-05Л АИАР.466452.001-12.04 - Промавтоматика

It is used as an ATS device in 0.4 - 150 kV networks. Optimized to perform the ATS function in 0.4 kV networks.

Performs the following functions:

Provides control and measurement of the following quantities:

  • three currents: one phase input 1, one phase input 2, one phase intersection;
  • three phase/line voltage input 1;
  • three phase/line voltages input 2;
  • mains frequency on both inputs;
  • angles between all currents and voltages.

Relay protection functions:

  • four-stage undervoltage protection with AND or OR triggering,
  • four-stage overvoltage protection with AND or OR triggering.

Automation and control functions:

  • automatic switching on of the reserve (ATS) with the ability to work not only for lowering, but also for increasing voltage;
  • Automatic Normal Mode Restore (AVHR)
  • control of switches of inputs and SV,
  • monitoring the switching resource of the circuit breaker,
  • phasing control.

Functions, triggers and gates being defined:

  • number of defined functions - 8;
  • the number of triggers being defined is 4, the state of the triggers is stored in nonvolatile memory;
  • logical gates AND, OR, NOT, EXCLUSIVE-OR.

Universal emergency waveform recorder with digital signal recording:

  • parameterizable recording duration of pre-alarm, alarm and post-alarm processes.
  • the resolution of the recorder by analog signals - no more than 1.25 ms.
  • total recording duration - 50 seconds.

Digital signal recorder:

  • 80 latest crashes,
  • up to 43 records in each alarm with a time interval of 1 ms,
  • for each accident are recorded:
    • all input and output discrete signals, with fixed arrival and departure times;
    • actuation of all protection and automation organs;
    • Toggle switches on and off.

Number of freely programmable inputs, outputs, indicators:

  • digital inputs - 10;
  • discrete relay outputs - 10, without and with memory, implementation of SHMS;
  • LED indicators - 8, with and without memory.
  • All inputs, outputs, indicators are freely programmable.
  • Six freely programmable buttons.
  • I/O from the operation of all protections or their individual stages is provided.
  • Work with an external computer is carried out through the USB port.
  • An RS-485 interface is provided for the device to operate in the local network.
  • Exchange protocol - ModBus RTU.
  • Connection diagram МРЗС-05Л АИАР.466452.001-12.04, (-32.04)

    Software Wisinet2 for МРЗС-05Л, МРЗС-05Д, MRZS

    Please pay attention! Many new versions of devices have been added for corrective work, the program must save the /data folder (with your archives), delete the WisiNet2 installation program, download the archive from the website and install the Wisinet2 program and replace the new /data folder with your previous oneDownload Wisinet 2

    3D model for design МРЗС-05Л АИАР.466452.001-12.04