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Device ПІ

Device ПІ - Промавтоматика

A device is intended for the reflection of the state of interconnect equipment complete distributive device (DD) of transformer substation, distributive point of 6(10) - 35 kV and others like that.

Performs the following functions

  • control and fixing of entrance discrete signals;
  • control of the state of interconnect equipment of DD;
  • acceptance and reflection of the state of interconnect equipment;
  • exposures of malfunctions of work of interconnect equipment and their indication;
  • connection with the top level of management, information transfer on protocol of exchange;
  • testing of capacity of light-emitting diodes is from the front panel of device;
  • a self-diagnose is with an action on the relay of good condition.
  • Adaptation for a reflection and control of interconnect equipment of DD:

    • switch, bus disconnector, linear disconnector, cable earthing knife, bus earthing knife, linear earthing knife, викотний element of cell.

    A schematic diagram for the reflection of the state of interconnect equipment - one of standard or for to the order of consumer in obedience to a polling sheet. The booked chart can be executed any coming from placing of light-emitting diodes.


    • Nominal power supply voltage: 220V DC/AC;
    • Number of galvanically isolated discrete inputs: up to 18
    • Nominal voltage for discrete inputs: 220V DC/AC
    • Number of LEDs depending on the configuration: up to 85;
    • Type of output relay contacts for device status: changeover;
    • Button for testing LEDs and changing device modes;
    • Maximum power consumption: no more than 5W;
    • Communication protocol: Modbus RTU;
    • Communication interface: RS 485.

Placement of LED device ПІ

Сonnection diagram device ПІ

3D model for design ПІ АИАР.469135.001