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It is used as a voltage protection device, signaling and monitoring of voltage circuits of 6/10/35 kV connections for the organization of automatic mode reserve (AMS) and normal mode recovery (NMR) with AMS. Used as a device for monitoring the voltage circuits on the busbar section, initiating the OCP start-up on voltage. Devices can be placed: in the relay compartments of single-end service assembled chambers, switchgears and control gears, outdoor switchgears (YAKNO), panels, in control cabinets.

Performs the following functions

Control and measurement

  • ­ three phase or line voltages (main channel) from TH1 installed on the busbars;
  • two-line voltages of auxiliary channel from ТСН or one line voltage from TH2, set at the input;
  • zero phase-sequence voltage.

Relay protection functions:

  • two-stage undervoltage protection ЗНmin operates with a time delay for tripping or by signal;
  • two-stage overvoltage protection ЗНmax operates with a time delay for tripping or by signal;
  • maximum voltage protection of auxiliary channel operates with a time delay for tripping or by signal;
  • total under-voltage protection of primary and secondary channels;
  • undirected earth fault protection by 3Uo;

Automation functions:

  • ACB start up;
  • Startup of the normal mode restoration (NMR) scheme at ACB

Monitoring, registration and alarm functions:

  • monitoring of serviceability of voltage circuits of main and auxiliary channels;
  • emergency registrar of oscillograms with recording of discrete signals:
    • parameterizable duration of pre-emergency and emergency recording;
    • ­ resolution capability of the recorder by analog signals - 1,25 ms;
    • total duration записи - 50 sec.
  • discrete signal recorder:
    • 48 recent events;
    • up to 43 records in each alarm with a fixed value;
      • ­ maximal voltages (voltages of phases and voltage 3Uo);
      • ­ minimal voltages (voltages of phases and voltage 3Uo) at the moment of ЗНmin start-up.

Enhanced logic functions:

  • ­ number of defined functions - 8;
  • ­ number of defined triggers - 3;
  • status of triggers is stored in non-volatile memory.

Enhanced logic allows to complement existing functions and create new ones.

Service functions:

  • ­freely assignable inputs;
  • freely assignable outputs;
  • freely assignable LEDs;
  • multilingual menu - 3 languages supported;
  • three freely programmable buttons;
  • work with an external computer is carried out through the USB port.

Interfaces and communication protocols:

  • ­ Interface RS 485 - Communication protocol Modbus RTU;
  • ­ Interface USB.
Hardware configuration parameters B
Current sensors -
Voltage sensors 7U
Voltage output for discrete inputs power supply (DIР) -
Number of discrete inputs 8
Number of discrete outputs:
with NO contact element
with change-over contact
9 (7)
Number of LEDs, of them
Function keys, of them
with key mode

Communication interfaces RS485 USB 1

Сonnection diagram MRZS-U

Software Wisinet2 for МРЗС-05Л, МРЗС-05Д, MRZS