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Device ПДЗ-О

The ПДЗ-O device is designed to detect an electric arc in the cabinets of complete distribution devices, issue a control signal in relay protection and automation circuits, and indicate the damaged direction. To transmit the flash from the arc to the photosensitive element of the device, a separate fiber-optic DVO sensor with a fiber-optic cable is used. The device can be used both independently and together with microprocessor relay protection devices of the MRZS type or any other devices.

Power options:

  • supply voltage of direct or alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz, V 75...264
    • Consumed power, W, no more than:
    • in standby mode 2.5
    • in working mode (activation of all discrete outputs) 5.0
  • The number of arc protection channels (the maximum number of DVO sensors used with the device) is 4.
  • Illumination threshold at which the device is activated, lux - at least 800.