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MРЗС-05Л AИAР.466452.001-20

MРЗС-05Л  AИAР.466452.001-20 4482

The device is intended for the organization of central annunciator systems in substations, stations and industrial facilities equipped with microprocessor, electronic or electromechanical relay protection and automation devices.

It performs the following functions:

  • control and fixation of discrete input signals, incl. pulsed;
  • control and fixation of input signals of group signaling;
  • generation of output discrete signals;
  • control of the state of light and sound alarm;
  • reception and display of alarm and warning signals with and without time delay;
  • visual indication of the state of the inputs;
  • control of audible alarms (up to seven alarm devices) with the possibility of automatic checkback;
  • group signaling alarm initialization;
  • issuance of signals to external light-signaling devices, incl. in blinking mode;
  • communication with the upper level of control, transmission of information and reception of signals with the possibility of their action on internal logic, LEDs, relays, checkback.

Number of inputs

  • 19 freely programmable discrete inputs
  • ability to assign commands to the inputs:
    • reset relay
    • sound alarm disabling
    • LED control
  • 4 inputs with current increase measurement for group signaling
  • analog input is designed to record the inclusion of new current sources to the emergency and warning alarm buses.

Number of LEDs

  • 22 - freely programmable monochrome
  • 2 - service tricolor:
    • serviceability / malfunction of the device
    • operation of the audible alarm system

Number of discrete outputs - 7

  • 5 voltage free output relay contacts
  • 2 power semiconducting
  • all outputs are freely programmable incl. undulating light relay

Freely programmable logic

  • Control and fixing of discrete signals
  • Monitoring and recording of group alarm signals
  • Generation of output discrete signals
  • Processing of input signals using logic elements
  • Monitoring of light and sound alarms


  • 3 service:
    • "Silence" stop button of sound alarm.
    • indication reset button.
    • LED test button
  • 2 freely programmable
  • 6 navigation buttons

Self-diagnosis of the device

Communication module with RS485 and Ethernet ports (optional)

  • If an Ethernet interface is required, you must specify the type of interface when ordering. If you need an Etherne optical interface, ST Duplex, then the symbol "F" is added to the device designation: AIAR.466452.001-20F. If the Ethernet interface is wired, RJ-45, the symbol is added to the device designation "W".

  • Protocols - ModBus, IEC 61850

    Discrete registrar - event log, up to 100 000 records

    Program event logger with fixation:

    • state of discrete inputs;
    • outputs of the group signaling functions;
    • function buttons;
    • outputs of internal logic elements;
    • incoming GOOSE messages;
    • incoming MMS messages;
    • outgoing GOOSE messages;
    • outgoing MMS messages;
    • telecontrol signals;
    • outputs of other functions.

    USB port for communication with a computer

    Software Wisinet2 for МРЗС-05Л, МРЗС-05Д, MRZS

    Please pay attention! Many new versions of devices have been added for corrective work, the program must save the /data folder (with your archives), delete the WisiNet2 installation program, download the archive from the website and install the Wisinet2 program and replace the new /data folder with your previous oneDownload Wisinet 2

    3D model for design МРЗС-05Л АИАР.466452.001-20